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Start: 11:00 am
Join us for this fun round of readings from picture and storybooks ... Go to the castle in the children's section ... and the stories begin!
Start: 2:00 pm
Activist, feminist, writer ... Ginny NiCarthy has been at the forefront of many peace and justice-related actions for most of her eighty-five years. She tells (some of) her extraordinary story in her memoir, Seeing for Myself (Cando Press), released this past fall to much acclaim from readers and more. We're pleased and honored to host her on our stage today. "Ginny NiCarthy has lived an amazing life of working for justice. I'd read anything she writes about it." - Paul Loeb. "NiCarthy doesn't just tiptoe outside her comfort zone, she dives in headfirst. She takes readers on whirlwind journeys to Iraq just before the U.S. invasion, to Afghanistan in the middle of a war, and to Colombia embroiled in civil strife. NiCarthy's lens is always through the eyes of women and the oppressed." - Medea Benjamin. Within the world of booksellers, readers and those whose lives were directly affected by the work, Ginny NiCarthy is best known as the author of Seal Press' first bestselling book, the groundbreaking Getting Free. That book helped open eyes and doors, offering support and advice to survivors of domestic violence and those working on their behalf.
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