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Start: 11:00 am
Our weekly Children's Storytimes, set for most Saturday mornings each month, commence for February with this morning's reading from picture- and storybook favorites out of our children's section. One of our Elliott Bay bookfolk will do the reading and telling honors. Go to the castle in the children's section ... and the stories begin! Please join us.
Start: 7:00 pm
We're pleased to welcome Vancouver, B. C. based poet Rachel Rose back to Seattle, a city she once called home, to read as part of a program of poetry and music performed by writers and musicians from the Northwest. Song and Spectacle (Harbour Press), Rachel Rose's third collection, is composed of fierce hymns to the particular and universal struggles of birth, passion and loss. She delves into the world of myth, using the stories of Daphne and Peneus, Shamhat and Enkidu and Grendel's mother to create new allegories for our times. Her poems also explore the aftereffects of suicide on those left behind, the truths of lesbian motherhood and the exquisite splendor of the natural world. Joining her tonight are two old friends: poets Jen Currin, author of The Inquisition Yours (Coach House) and Susan Rich, author most recently of The Alchemist's Kitchen (White Pine Press) and two poets new to our stage: Renee Saklikar and Raoul Fernandes. Featured musicians on this program are Jefferson Rose on bass and Tobi Stone on sax.
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