« Sunday February 03, 2013 »
Start: 3:00 pm
Northwest poets Marjorie Manwaring and Derek Sheffield—she living, writing, editing in Seattle, he writing and teaching just over the mountains in Wenatchee—come together for this reading from new books. For Marjorie Manwaring, it's a first, full-length collection, Search for a Velvet-Lined Cape (Mayapple Press), coming out this month after earlier chapbook publications. "Something is always churning in these captivating, sometimes unsettling poems ... Something is always changing ... It's never a dull moment ... By turns wistful, wry (or out-and-out funny), elegiac, and always smart, Marjorie Manwaring convinces us that even the surreal, even magic, even great sadness, is simply life as we live it every days, and that all of it is worthy of praise." – Kathleen Flenniken. Derek Sheffield is here with what is also a strong new, full-length collection, Through the Second Skin (Orchises Press). "In carefully chosen moments rendered through sharp and precise images, Derek Sheffield reveals the vulnerability and strength of the soul. There it is on every page—in every flicker and stone of living light portrayed and defined throughout this book. Take note of its many names." – Pattiann Rogers.
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