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Start: 9:30 am
Saturday University Asia Crossings: Travel Accounts Through Asia's History Lecture Series, presented by the GARDNER CENTER FOR ASIAN ART AND IDEAS, in partnership with the UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON JACKSON SCHOOL OF INTERNATIONAL STUDIES and ELLIOTT BAY BOOK COMPANY. This spring's nine-week series focuses on travel accounts within Asia written by travelers male and female—from monks to military, and merchants to pilgrims—dating from the 7th century onward. The series' first talk, by Anand Yang, Professor of International Studies and History, University of Washington, is: China and India are One: An Indian Soldier's Travelogue of Beijing in 1890–1901. Individual lecture tickets are $5 for SAM members, $10 for nonmembers. Series tickets are $43 for SAM members, $86 for nonmembers. The Seattle Asian Art Museum is at 1400 E. Prospect in Volunteer Park. For more information, please see
Start: 11:00 am
Join us for this fun round of readings from picture and storybooks ... Go to the castle in the children's section ... and the stories begin!
Start: 5:00 pm
London based journalist Carl Honoré, whose book, In Praise of Slowness was such an inspiration to those of us dealing with issues of time poverty and community building, returns today to take on our addiction to the quick fix, whether in business, politics, or health care. His book, The Slow Fix: Solve Problems, Work Smarter and Live Better in a World Addicted to Speed (HarperOne) provides some international examples of more thoughtful, "from the ground up" approach to problem solving. Carl Honoré, called the "godfather of the slow movement" by The Huffington Post, writes for The Economist, The Globe and Mail, The Houston Chronicle and other publications.
Start: 7:30 pm
The Better Bombshell (Awesome Project/Wolfram) paired some of the best writers and artists of our era to redefine the female role model. Who is the better bombshell? Twenty teams (each consisting of a writer and a visual artist, both male and female) address the lack of positive, multidimensional female role models in today's media and project contributors include Dave Barry, Rick Bass, Heather Lende, Roxane Gay, Carolyn Turgeon, Heather Fowler, and Craig Childs. Editorial director Charlotte Austin and contributors including Carolyn Turgeon, Allison Williams, Nicholas Dighera and others to be announced will read and share their artwork tonight. "The Better Bombshell is an electronic, artistic, and cultural cornerstone for one of the most important dialogues of our time: Why are we careless with, dismissive, or unseeing of the feminine?" - Rick Bass, Author and Activist.
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