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Start: 5:00 pm
We don't need CNN to tell us that the Pike Place Market's Pike Place Fish is one of Seattle's number one tourist destinations, but it is news that Pike Place Fish was recently named CNN's top fish market in the U.S. The fishmongers—and flingers—head up Pike Street to Capitol Hill to talk about their recipes and share information about fish storage, selection, and sustainability as covered in their new book, In the Kitchen with the Pike Place Fish Guys: 100 Recipes and Tips from the World-Famous Crew of Pike Place Fish by the World-Famous, Fish-Tossing Fishmongers (Viking Studio). The fishmongers of Pike Place Fish are also known for their best-selling business philosophy and management series, which began with Fish!
Start: 7:00 pm
Play, sport, and spirituality are at the heart of Fr. Patrick Kelly's talk tonight, which concerns the ways in which playing sports relates to human flourishing and openness to transcendence. His book, Catholic Perspectives on Sports: From Medieval to Modern Times (Paulist Press), discusses the participation of lay Catholics in play and sport, and the relationship of sport to the theological and spiritual. A former football and basketball player, and coach, Fr. Kelly is also one of the editors of the International Journal of Religion and Sport. "The clarity, vigor, and profound knowledge contained [in this book] will inform and fascinate anyone who is interested in the broader context of mind and society where religion evolves." - Mihaly Csikszentmihalyji.
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