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Start: 6:00 pm
In The God Problem: How a Godless Cosmos Creates (Prometheus Books), philosopher Howard Bloom asks if the key to the birth of the cosmos is imbedded in Italian mathematician Giusseppe Peano's writings on mathematical logic. "If Howard Bloom is only 10 percent right, we'll have to drastically revise our notions of the universe. There's no mysticism in The God Problem—no God, no religion, no incommunicable spiritual insights—just the contagious joy of a great mind set loose on the biggest intellectual puzzles humans have ever faced. Whether you're a scientist or a hyper-curious layperson, Bloom's argument will rock your world." - Barbara Ehrenreich. Howard Bloom's previous books include The Lucifer Principle and The Genius of the Beast.
Start: 8:00 pm
On the night before the announcement of this year's prestigious Philip K. Dick Award winner (at Norwescon 36), we're pleased to welcome one of the seven finalists, Andri Snaer Magnason, author of the novel, Lovestar (Seven Stories Press, translated from the Icelandic by Victoria Cribb). Written by one of Iceland's most celebrated younger writers, Lovestar was named Novel of the Year by Iceland's booksellers, and is set in a world in which humankind, freed from wires and devices, has soul mates identified by science. "Orwell, Vonnegut, and Douglas Adams are felt on every page, though Magnason is never derivative ... The sheer wackiness of his oversized imagination is invigorating."- Publishers Weekly.
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